There are too many delivery apps and each come with a swarm of fees. It hurts local merchants by charging high commissions and it forces extra economic strain on customers AND DELIVERERS by taking away so much money. We can do better and Local is Stronger™. So… We are launching the AKí AKí app ( in Manor, TX so that people can share their location with the local community in order to offer their services (like picking up food and products from local businesses and delivering them), at a self-determined fee. We call this Community Commerce™ – the location-enabled and socially engaged evolution of self-offered remote services. This type of commerce creates an entirely new Check In Economy™ – consumption of goods and services based on self-offered, location-based, remote services. This city is our launchpad and we are happy to take off with the rest of Manor, TX!

Categories: Delivery Service

12708 Casting
Manor, Tx 78653 

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