Camp Gladiator is an award-winning adult outdoor group fitness company.  Our mission is to positively impact the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible.

Presidential Meadows Elementary School – sessions are M/T/TH @ 5am

Shadowglen Elementary school  – sessions are T/TH @ 5:20&6:50pm

Manor Middle School – sessions are M/W/F @ 5am

Shadowglen Elementary School – sessions are M/W @ 5pm & 6:30pm

We run our Camps continuously on a 4 week cycle and a bonus week for members(Bold). Every 5 weeks a new camp cycle starts. We have different exercises every time you come out for all fitness levels.

1st week is Endurance (foundation)

2nd week strength & Agility (strength and lateral hip movements)

3rd week  interval (highest fat loss)

4th Peak week (100%)

5th Bold Week recovery week

All our workouts fits every fitness level as well as functional movements modified if needed for any injury or if pregnant

Kristopher Peterson, Certified Trainer

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